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Barry and Bonnie Knobbe-Charron


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TV Celebrity Fitness Trainer Chris Powell!

We only have one life and one body that carries us through it, that’s why taking care of it is sooo important. Today is the best day to start! Why put it off, so you can put on another pound? That’s just another pound you got to lose! When you get started with Chris Powell’s Bod•ē Transformation products, you are not left alone. Chris Powell practically moves in with you through his free app. You are given tips and motivational videos each day to keep you on the right track to success. You learn a unique approach to eating called carb cycling which helps turn your body into a fat burning machine.
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Barry’s 10 Reasons Why Working a J.O.B Isn’t For Me Anymore

1) Missing out on our kids growing up.

2) I want to do whatever I want to on any given day.

3) I want to go wherever I want to when I want to.

4) The job that I do isn’t the greatest for my health.

5) I used to love going to that job… not so much now.

6) Manager is a D**khead.

7) Topped out on the income I can earn.

8) Our Vemma business is starting to take off.

9) Unlimited income potential with Vemma.

10) Really enjoy helping people get healthy, start their own business & change their lives.


By Barry